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Our Mission

We are a California-based producer of wine bags and blankets that was established by two wine lovers who also enjoy taking family vacations. When individuals taste wine at home or on a wine excursion, our fashionable and portable wine bags help them appear more sophisticated.

Dive into Summer with a Beach Picnic

Gather your loved ones, pack your favorite treats, and head to the coast for a day of seaside bliss. Spread out your colorful picnic spread on our durable waterproof blanket, designed to withstand sandy shores and splashes from the surf. From fresh fruit salads to gourmet sandwiches, indulge in a delectable array of summertime delights while lounging in style. Every moment becomes a cherished memory of summer's simple pleasures.

Embrace Every Season with Our All-Season Hoodie Blanket

The magic of our hoodie blanket doesn't end when the snow melts and the flowers bloom – far from it! With its lightweight design and breathable fabric, it's the perfect companion for breezy spring picnics in the park or lazy summer afternoons spent reading in the shade. Simply slip it on, adjust the hood to your liking, and let the cares of the world melt away as you bask in the gentle warmth of the sun.

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When Natasha sat on the golden sandy beach in Tirrinia double hoodie blanket, the whole landscape became dreamy and dazzling. The golden sunset makes the hoodie look even warmer.


With Christmas just around the corner, Lauren gives Tirrinia Pink Heart Hoodie Blanket an even warmer feel. It's like she's surrounded by a circle of pink hearts, adding to the Christmas spirit.


The most classic styles also look extraordinary against Laura. She is a digital creator with a passion for sharing her life and making simple things come alive.

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