As fall gets closer, we see a lot of changes in our surroundings. Leaves start to change color and begin dropping from the trees, daylight becomes shorter, and we start to feel a brisk coldness in the air. While some are tempted to just snuggle up inside the house where it’s warm and cozy and where they can basically hibernate for the rest of autumn and winter, many others take the opportunity to enjoy their backyard more during this season. Indeed, with its glorious shades of yellows, oranges and reds, as well as its nice cool weather, fall does make the backyard a much more interesting place to spend time with family and friends.


 In the backyard there were tables and chairs under a couple of big trees waiting for a lot of people to get together


Making the Most of Your Backyard Space

The backyard is an area that is often underutilized, which is really quite unfortunate because there is so much space out there that can really be put to good use, especially during the fall. With a little bit of creativity and innovation, you can turn your backyard into a place where the entire family congregates on weekend afternoons. It can be a cool hangout for your kids and their friends. Or it can simply be a place for you and your partner to enjoy some quiet outdoor time together. The options are endless, and one of the easiest and most fun ones is to have your own little backyard picnic!

 Family and friends happily gather around the pool in the backyard


Hosting a Small Fall Backyard Picnic

What better time to hold a small backyard picnic than during the fall season? Summer is too hot, spring is too wet, and winter is too cold. Meanwhile, autumn is just right. It is guaranteed to be a lot of fun for everyone you decide to invite. In fact, you might enjoy it so much that you would want to make it into a regular event!


A backyard picnic is actually not that hard to plan and execute. The key lies in adequate preparation. You can begin by selecting a spacious and comfortable picnic blanket where your guests can sit. The Tirrinia Reversible Waterproof Blanket is an ideal choice for this. Made of soft Sherpa wool and equipped with a fully waterproof and windproof membrane, this blanket would surely keep your guests comfortable as they partake of your delectable feast.

A man in a car draped in a green waterproof blanket with a dog kissing his face next to him

Speaking of the feast, you must have a picnic table laid out with fresh fruits, mouth-watering desserts, and refreshing drinks. Don't forget the wine, of course! The Tirrinia picnic table would be perfect for this because it has special built-in holders for the wine bottle and wine glasses, which would keep your cabernet from spilling even on a wobbly backyard surface.

Tirrinia small collapsible picnic table, square, with a bottle of wine, 4 glasses of wine, a plate of fruit

You must also remind your guests to bring their jackets or sweaters so they can stay comfy in case the temperature drops further. You can also suggest getting the Tirrinia Oversized Hooded Blanket, which will prove to be a very smart investment for the fall.

 Girl with long hair wearing tirrinia red hoodie sweater


Excellent Ideas for Making Your Backyard Fall-Ready

If you think your backyard right now feels kind of blah and doesn’t look like a very inviting space for a picnic or any other activity for that matter, don’t worry. We have plenty of ideas and you still have a lot of time to make your backyard ready for fall.


Decorate Your Backyard Garden

You might be surprised at how a few strategic changes can turn a dreary backyard into your own personal paradise. You don’t even need to hire a professional. In fact, there are many backyard transformation activities that you can do as a family. Then the renovation itself would be yet another fun way to enjoy your backyard this fall.


Take stone decorating, for instance. You can collect some garden pebbles and use them to build a path across your backyard lawn. Walking on this path and admiring the splendid autumn colors would be a great way to enjoy your backyard. You can also use the stones to decorate your flower beds.

 Lots of green plants and purple flowers growing in the backyard with tile floors and a flower bed


Build a Gazebo

This would require a bit more work but if you are up to it, a gazebo is the ultimate way to make your backyard so much more enticing, especially during fall. You can leave it bare or add some comfy seating all around. This way, it can be a place to enjoy a cup of espresso in the morning while you read the paper and listen to the chirping of the birds. It can also be a venue for an al fresco date for you and your partner. You can even bring your cooler wine bag so you can enjoy a chilled glass of rosé with dinner.

Lady in floral dress holding man's hand with Tirrinia wine bag in her hand

During the times that you are not actually using it, the gazebo still adds significant value to your backyard by creating a magnificent focal point in your garden. This is especially true if you surround it with flowering plants, especially those that bloom even in fall like chrysanthemums, pansies, or asters that really hold their own during autumn. You can make your gazebo look even more charming and even magical by adding sheer curtains and illuminating it with strings of dainty fairy lights.


Plant Vegetables

Many people think that planting vegetables is only done during springtime and early summer. But there are actually a lot of vegetables that flourish more when planted during the autumn months. It depends on your geography but in general, many greens, root crops, and herbs can be planted in the fall.


Pick a nice spot in your backyard that gets at least 8 hours of sunlight a day because most vegetables just love the sun. Some herbs and greens do also thrive in partial shade. If you have never tried vegetable gardening before, you can try planting garlic. These crops love the autumn weather and grow very easily without needing much effort or attention from you. If you plant them now, you can have a full harvest in summer.

 Grandpa and his grandson growing vegetables in the backyard garden


Install a Water Feature

There are few things in the world that are more calming than the sound of gently flowing water. You can enjoy this kind of relaxation right in your backyard if you put in a small pond with fish in it, or a fountain perhaps. Water features like this attract butterflies, dragonflies and bees. You can sit in your new gazebo, a glass of wine in hand, as you watch as these beautiful insects flit from flower to flower, doing what they naturally do.


If you find the excavation and pipe installation for a pond to be too tiresome, a water feature can also be something as simple as a birdbath. You might be delightfully surprised by the different species of birds that would come by and take a dip. In addition, when birds frequently visit your yard, they can feed off bugs that would otherwise harm your plants.

 In the backyard, in the wilderness, there is a pond with clear water and lots of yellow and green plants next to it, and the view is wonderful and quiet!


Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever noticed how the kitchen seems to draw the entire family in, even though only one person is doing the actual cooking? While mom or dad chops carrots and onions at the counter, the rest of the family is usually also there getting a whiff of the food, having conversations, and just hanging out.


By building an outdoor kitchen, you can create a similar bonding spot outside the house. It could be right by the back door or perhaps adjacent to the patio or deck. If you take up our suggestion and build a gazebo, you can make it large enough to accommodate a small outdoor kitchen as well.

 Open kitchen in the backyard with minimalist white and black color scheme


You do need to install electricity, plumbing, and gas for it to be a fully functional kitchen. Then you can put in whatever equipment you want – a grill and one induction cooktop would actually suffice, plus storage for some pots, pans, and other cooking implements.


Creative Styles for Outdoor Kitchens

What's fun about building an outdoor kitchen is there are several styles to choose from. Your choice might depend on the architecture of your main house, the layout of your backyard, and of course, your own personal design style.


An industrial outdoor kitchen with mostly stainless steel appliances would create a striking contrast against the green and woodsy backdrop, creating a beautifully modern space in the yard. A bar style kitchen is also great, with the cooking station to one side and a long wooden dining table and benches in the middle. Add some wine utensils and potted plants and this would be the perfect venue for some classy outdoor entertaining.

 An industrial kitchen, open plan, with fruit, white cabinets and cutlery


If you want to create a kitchen mostly for you and your family to enjoy, you can keep the space wide open, with a comfy sofa on one corner and a waterproof blanket laid on the wooden floor. This kind of family style space will give easy access to food while you and your family are lounging in the yard. It doesn't have to be a grand kitchen either, unless you have the budget, space, and energy for it. In that case, you can go full swing and maybe even add an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit to keep everyone warm even toward the end of fall.

A dog sits comfortably on an orange waterproof blanket in the backseat of a car and laughs with his tongue out


Staying Warm While Cooking Outdoors

As the autumn chill begins, you would surely want to stay warm and cozy while preparing meals and you can do this by sporting the Tirrinia Sherpa Oversize Blanket Sweatshirt. It is very comfortable and even has convenient pockets to hold your phone and other small things while you cook.

Long-haired girl in a tirrinia Long hoodie sweater, happily posing in the backyard



As early as now, make sure you and your backyard are ready for the arrival of fall. There’s still about a month left so that gives you plenty of time to do some digging and planting and redecorating.  If you begin today, by the time the first leaf drops, your backyard will be totally fall-ready.


There's also more than enough time to stock up on fall wardrobe essentials so that you will always be warm and comfy when you spend time in your backyard. And don't forget those cooler wine bags to keep your bubblies chilled for your gazebo date, as well as the lovely little picnic table perfect for enjoying a good old-fashioned autumn picnic in the backyard.

 The table at the backyard potluck was set with an abundance of tasty treats


All these items are conveniently available at the Tirrinia online shop. The store is physically located in California but they can ship to any part of North America, including Canada. Be sure to check out your cart soon because stocks run out quickly as autumn nears.


No matter how cold and blustery the fall weather gets, you know that you can thoroughly enjoy the season once you give your backyard the upgrade that you and your family totally deserve.